We are the SmallBusiness™ Law Group.

SmallBusiness™ does not describe our client. SmallBusiness™ describes our unique and proprietary approach to providing practical legal advice to the private business owner. By “practical” we mean efficient, affordable and results-driven.

The primary focus of the SmallBusiness™ Law Group is providing “outside” general counsel services to the privately owned, family owned and employee owned business, as well as religious, non-profit and tax exempt organizations. We do this on a fixed monthly retainer basis (which serves as a cap on fees), thereby creating predictability and fractionalizing the cost of an in-house lawyer for our client.

The general counsel services we offer are intended to cover business transactional matters arising in the ordinary course and include strategic planning, crisis management and daily advice to the owners and managers of the client’s business. Our general counsel services exclude litigation (or other dispute resolution proceedings), large transactions (such as mergers, acquisitions, financings and similar transactions) and matters requiring specialized legal knowledge (such as tax, intellectual property, labor/employment and similar specialized areas of the law). If our client needs representation in any of these excluded areas, we provide these services on a transactional fee basis (if we have the expertise) or we assist the client in retaining and overseeing the right legal specialist.

Our transactional services generally fall within the following broad categories: SmallBusiness™ mergers and acquisitions, SmallBusiness™ corporate finance, SmallBusiness™ partnerships and joint ventures and SmallBusiness™ real property transactions. In the context of providing transactional services, SmallBusiness™ describes our unique and proprietary approach of using discounts, capped fees and unbundling of services, as well as careful management of third parties and the process generally, to make these transactional services accessible to our client.

We also provide “back office” support to the client that already has in-house general counsel. And we are a “low cost” alternative for big law firms who use sub-contractors for the more routine matters. Each of our lawyers practiced law previously at renowned international law firms, handling complex and sophisticated business transactions. In this environment, we observed that most businesses have the same legal needs, but depending on size and profitability (which fluctuates), they don’t always have access to the same quality of legal services when they need it.

We sought to find a solution to this situation. That led us to the SmallBusiness™ model for legal services and to the formation of the SmallBusiness™ Law Group.

If you wish to learn more about our services and whether we would be a good fit for you and your business, please contact us.


The SmallBusiness™ Law Group